[ ...a-LEAPING we will go... ]


and Welcome home, Leaper! You have successfully arrived back at the Stallion's Gate complex in New Mexico, and I'm so glad to see you're all in one piece.  Adm. Calavicci will be along momentarily to talk with you about your leaping experience.  Until he arrives, Dr. Beeks recommends that you reaquaint yourself with your surroundings.   Please remember that any attempts to exit the Waiting Room prior to your completed interrogation er, I mean debriefing may result in your permanent removal from the Project.  That's the new Senate Oversight Committee's rule, not ours, so all I can say is, stay here. Please.

Dr. Beeks' records on Project: Quantum Leap will provide you with up-to-date information on all active staff members.  For a refresher on Leaps made to date, the Admiral's Files should have everything you need.  Ziggy's Mainframe contains records on all audio, video and print documents currently available on the Project.  Gooshie keeps all the contact information on the Complex and other related entities in the Control Room.

Oh, one last item. If you get completely lost, try the complex directory.  Once again, welcome back. We've missed you.

Donna Eleese Beckett. Ph.D.
Interim Team Leader, Project Quantum Leap

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Released: 05.07.2004; Updated: 05.05.2004