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Project: Quantum Leap Staff

Ah, good! You're right on time.  Well, let me start by saying, Welcome home, Leaper.  I realize you've been through quite a lot in your travels, and I look forward to discussing them with you.  But that's a topic for your next session.  From what Dr. Eleese tells me, your memory is a bit full of holes, especially when it comes to our staff here.  Well, I'm just the person to see.

I have the official biographies and other press release information as it relates to the main members currently on staff, including outside projects of which they have been a member.  They are as complete as allowed by the Oversight Committee and its confidentiality agreement, but I'm sure you'll learn enough to fill in the gaps in your memory.

>> Ziggy's voice softly interrupts to page Dr. Beeks through the intercom.  Your hostess presses a button on her desk and advises she's on her way. <<

Oh!  I'm so sorry, but it appears that one of Sam's hosts in the Waiting Room is a bit out of sorts.  I need to go and reassure them they're fine... and hopefully avoid sedation.  But please, browse through these non-confidential files to reacquaint yourself with the staff of Project: Quantum Leap.  It's been good talking to you!

Dr. Verbeena Beeks
Psychiatrist, Project Quantum Leap

Project Team Dossiers
Actor Biographies
Scott Bakula
Dean Stockwell
Character Dossiers *Newly declassified*
Dr. Samuel Beckett, Project Leader
Rear Adm. Albert Calavicci, Project Observer

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