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[ ...a-LEAPING we will go... ]

The Admiral's Files

Welcome home, Leaper.  I'm all ears and ready to hear about this Leap of yours, and to see how it compares to those I've witnessed while in contact with Sam.  I know what you've been through, pal, having been sucked into a Leap of my own a while back.  Experiences like that could almost make a man swear off the good stuff he hasn't already sworn off.  But I'm way off orbit here.  You came to refresh that swiss-cheesed brain of yours on what's been going on since Sam first leaped. 

Just so you know, PQL files are Top Secret and Confidential, so no taking them out of my office.  You gotta pee, the head's the first door on the left down the hall.  You need a cup of coffee, holler at Ziggy and Tina'll bring you one.  Got it?  I really don't want to have to tell the Oversight Committee how you smuggled little tidbits of information off-site and what I did about it to keep it from happening ever again.

>> The handlink on the desk starts flashing and beeping riotously.
The Admiral picks it up and punches a couple of buttons. <<

Sorry, but it looks like Sam's leaped again and I'm needed in the Imaging Chamber.  Our chat'll have to wait until tomorrow.  You bring your story, I'll bring the cigars.  If you have any questions, holler at Ziggy for that too.  She'll page Dr. Eleese, who's always on call these days. But then, aren't we all?

Rear Admiral Albert Calavicci
Observer, Project Quantum Leap

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