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Stallion's Gate Complex Directory
aka The Site Map ... Last updated 10.11.2004

Main Level (Level 1) – Entrance
This level is your entry into the A-Leaping We Will Go site:
The Main Entrance (Splash page/Dr. Beckett intro)
The Waiting Room (Main page/Dr. Eleese welcome)

Level 2, West Wing – Dr. Beek's Office
This wing contains background information on the PQL team:
Dr. Beek's message (index page)
Dean's bio
Dean's awards
Dean's films
Al's bio *Newly declassified!*
Scott's bio
Scott's awards
Scott's films
Sam's bio *Newly declassified!*

Level 2, East Wing – The Admiral's Office
This wing holds all data regarding Sam's Leaps:
The Admiral's message (index page)
Episodes listed by Leap Title (Ziggy's designation)
Episodes listed by Actual Leap Date (Dr. Beckett's time)
Episodes listed in Actual Leap Order (our time)

Level 3, North and West Wings – Ziggy's Mainframe
These wings stores Ziggy's supplemental Leap documentation:
Ziggy's message (index page)
CDs and sound files
Dean, Scott and show images
Paperback and reference books
Videos and DVDs

Level 3, South Wing – The Control Room
This wing maintains supplemental data on ALWWG itself:
Gooshie's message (index page)
Link to ALWWG
Contact Info
Other QL Links
Time Travel Movies
Web Rings

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