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Leap Transcripts, 1990

Thou Shalt Not...

Episode.Season.Number: 07.02.16
Air Date: 11.15.1989
Leap Date: 02.02.1974
The Face in the Mirror: David Basch, rabbi
The Kiss with History: Sam teaches Dr. Heimlich the "Heimlich maneuver"

Sam's task as a rabbi is to keep his sister-in-law from falling for a sleazy author and ruining her life. In the process he also helps the family recover from the year-old death of their son.

Guest Starring:
James Sutorius (Joe Basch)
Terri Hanauer (Irene Basch)
Lindsay Fisher (Karen Basch)
Russ Tamblyn (Fred Glasserman)
Jill Jacobson (Shirley Winnick)

Written by: Tammy Ader
Directed by: Randy Roberts

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