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Leap Transcripts, 1990


Episode.Season.Number: 08.02.17
Air Date: 11.22.1989
Leap Date: 10.14.1964
The Face in the Mirror: Jimmy LaMotta

Since mainstreaming the mentally retarded is not yet a popular concept, Sam must help the "slow" young man he's leaped into, get a job and gain his coworkers' acceptance, to prevent his brother from returning Jimmy to the institution.

Guest Starring:
John D'Aquino (Frank LaMotta)
Laura Harrington (Connie LaMotta)
Michael Alldredge (Charlie Samuels)
Michael Madsen (Blue)
Ryan McWhorter (Corey LaMotta)

Written by: Scott Shepherd
Directed by: David G. Phinney

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