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Leap Transcripts, 1989

How the Tess Was Won

Episode.Season.Number: 05.01.05
Air Date: 04.14.1989
Leap Date: 08.05.1956
The Face in the Mirror: Daniel "Doc" Young, DVM
The Kiss with History: Sam re-names Buddy Holly's song to "Peggy Sue"

Sam's mission appears to be winning the love of a Texas heiress to a large ranch. Sabotaged by another suitor, Sam fails and finds that his true goal was to save the life of a sick piglet, and to help an unnamed cohort with a task he's performing.

Guest Starring:
Kari Lizer (Tess McGill)
Lance LeGault (Chance McGill / Werewolf)
Marshall Teague (Wayne)
Scott Fults (Buddy Holly)

Written by: Deborah Arakelian
Directed by: Ivan Dixon

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