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Leap Transcripts, 1989

Right Hand of God

Episode.Season.Number: 04.01.04
Air Date: 04.07.1989
Leap Date: 10.24.1974
The Face in the Mirror: Clarence "Kid" Cody, boxer
The Kiss with History: Boxers Muhammad Ali and George Foreman fight in Zaire

Sam has to win the championship to fund a new church for his trainers, a group of nuns. Sam must face the bookie who counts on him to take a dive in the final bout, and, with the help of several trainers, streaking, and Al's appearance in the ring to guide his punches, Sam wins the bout and finances the chapel.

Guest Starring:
Alex Colon (Gomez)
Guy Stockwell (Jake)
Lewis Arquette (Father Muldooney)
Michelle Joyner (Sister Angela)
Nancy Culp (Sister Sarah)
Teri Copley (Dixie)

Written by: John Hill
Directed by: Gilbert M. Shilton

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