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Leap Transcripts, 1989

Double Identity

Episode.Season.Number: 06.01.06
Air Date: 04.21.1989
Leap Date: 11.08.1965
The Face in the Mirror: Francesco "Frankie" LaPalma, hitman; Don Geno Prascotti, mafioso
The Kiss with History: Sam causes the 1965 Northeast Blackout

Though his goal as a Mafia hitman named Frankie is unclear, Sam follows a list of instructions, supplied by Ziggy in an effort to bring Sam back to the Project. These instructions result in the Great East Coast Blackout and, rather than leaping home, Sam finds himself in the life of the Mafia don who's been jealously preventing a romance between Frankie and the don's girlfriend. Sam believes he knows his mission, and publicly announces Frankie's marriage to the girlfriend, putting himself in a position to call a winning Bingo number.

Guest Starring:
Joe Santos (Tony)
Michael Genovese (Don Geno Frascati)
Nick Cassavetes (Primo)
Page Moseley (Frankie La Palma)
Terri Garber (Teresa)
Tom Silardi (Segundo)

Written by: Donald P. Bellisario
Directed by: Aaron Lipstadt

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