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Character Dossier

Dr. Samuel “Sam” Beckett
Project Quantum Leap

Born: 1953
parents John (d. 1974) and Thelma Beckett
sister Katherine
brother Thomas (Navy SEAL, USN)
spouse Dr. Donna Eleese

Winner, Nobel Peace Prize, quantum physics
M.I.T., summa cum laude, Cambridge MA (1973)
Prodigy in mathematics, piano and chess (IQ: 267)
Fluency (languages): 7 modern, four "dead;" Egyptian hieroglyphics
Doctorates: 6 — medicine, quantum physics, music, ancient languages
Sensei (master) in sabbatt, mu tai, karate and judo/jujitsu martial arts
Dr. Beckett is the genius behind the Quantum Leap project. He remains connected to the present by way of a neurological hologram in the form of Admiral Calavicci, the project co-creator. An unforseen side effect has “magnafluxed” his memory, which affects his ability to recall events in his own history or those of the present (his past). Fortunately, Ziggy is able to transmit pertinent data to Dr. Beckett by way of the Admiral's handlink.

ADDENDUM (Dr. Eleese): Dr. Beckett currently believes himself to be an unmarried man. This ruse must be in place for him to act freely. As a result, an alternate timeline has been established in which Dr. Beckett has fathered one child, Samantha Jo Fuller.

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