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Ziggy's Mainframe

Available Photographic Media

The images included in these pages are only a small sampling of those available out and about on the Web. They represent the favorites, for whatever reason that weren't included elsewhere in the site. Images for Sam's Leaps are contained within the Leap Debriefing in the Admiral's Files. The images here are both of the guys in their roles outside of Quantum Leap, and a few promo pictures from the show. Click on the thumbnail image for the full size version to appear in a new window.

Visit the Control Room for links to other sites, all of which have images to peruse.

Scott Bakula > Dr. Sam Beckett

Dean Stockwell > RAdm. Al Calavicci

Scott and Dean: Quantum Leap Promotional Pictures

In case you need to liven up your desktop, I've made available a few wallpapers for your enjoyment. If you'd like to include them in a collection on another Web site, please contact the Webmistress for permission. Thanks!

Available Wallpapers (all 640 x 480):
Option 1: Scott (59 kB)
Option 2: Dean (57 kB)
Option 3: The Guys (74 kB)

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