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Leap Transcripts, 1993

Revenge of the Evil Leaper
aka Evil Leaper III

Episode.Season.Number: 17.05.92
Air Date: 02.23.1993
Leap Date: 09.16.1987
The Face in the Mirror: Liz Tate, inmate

Having simu-leaped, both Sam and Alia find themselves trapped in a women's prison, accused of murdering a fellow inmate. Their efforts to unmask the real killer are not their top priority as the two attempt to keep Alia's location hidden from her observer, Zoey, who leaps into the same place and time, determined to make Alia pay for her betrayal.

Guest Starring:
Renee Coleman (Alia)
Carolyn Seymour (Zoey)
Katherine Cortez (Sophie)
Barbara Montgomery (Vivian)
Hinton Battle (Thames)
Rosana DeSoto (Fiddler)
Maggie Roswell (Masterson)
Sam Scarber (Warden Myers)

Written by: Deborah Pratt
Directed by: Debbie Allen

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