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Leap Transcripts, 1993

Return of the Evil Leaper
aka Evil Leaper II

Episode.Season.Number: 16.05.91
Air Date: 02.23.1993
Leap Date: 10.08.1956
The Face in the Mirror: Arnold Watkins, student

As Arnold Watkins, better known as The Midnight Marauder, Sam has to persuade a fraternity to stop using chicken races as a part of their hazing ceremonies, while Al tries to convince Arnold to stop trying to get himself killed in retaliation for his parents' deaths twelve years earlier. When Alia, the evil leaper, appears on the scene, Sam becomes determined to take her with him when he leaps.

Guest Starring:
Renee Coleman (Alia)
Carolyn Seymour (Zoey)
Bojesse Christopher (Frank)
Neil Patrick Harris (Mike Hammond)
Paul Scherrer (Jack)
Michael Manasseri (Jerry)
Raquel Krelle (Dawn Taylor)

Written by: Richard C. Okie
Directed by: Harvey Laidman

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