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Leap Transcripts, 1992

The Wrong Stuff

Episode.Season.Number: 07.04.60
Air Date: 11.06.1991
Leap Date: 01.24.1961
The Face in the Mirror: Bobo, the chimpanzee
The Kiss with History: Caroline Goodall, anthropoligist

In perhaps his most unusual leap, Sam finds himself in the persona of Bobo, a chimp in the space program, who is destined to die instead in a cruel crash-helmet research project.

Guest Starring:
Caroline Goodall (Dr. Leslie Ashton)
Gary Swanson (Dr. Frank Winger)
Albert Stratton (Dr. Tucker)
Kim Robillard (Military Officer #1)
Peter Murnik (Military Officer #2)

Written by: Paul Brown
Directed by: Joe Napolitano

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