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Leap Transcripts, 1992


Episode.Season.Number: 06.04.59
Air Date: 10.30.1991
Leap Date: 06.20.1980
The Face in the Mirror: Katie McBain

It's up to Sam to try to bring a rapist to justice when he leaps into the perp's victim, a young woman who may have been unwilling to press charges against the young man - the son of the pillar of the community.

Guest Starring:
Cheryl Pollak (Katie McBain)
Penny Peyser (Nancy Hudson)
Nancy Lenehan (Colleen McBain)
Arthur Rosenberg (Jim McBain)
Liz Vassey (Paula Fletcher)
Matthew Sheehan (Kevin Wentworth)
Amy Ryan (Libby McBain)

Written by: Beverly Bridges
Directed by: Michael Zinberg

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