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Leap Transcripts, 1991

Piano Man

Episode.Season.Number: 15.03.46
Air Date: 03.27.1991
Leap Date: 11.10.1985
The Face in the Mirror: Joey DiNardo, musician

Joey Dinardo is a lounge lizard on the run from mob hitmen. When Sam leaps in, his ex-girlfriend, and former musical partner have found him, and now both are on a run for their lives from a killer who seems to know their every move.

Guest Starring:
Marietta DePrima (Lorraine)
Angelo Tiffe (Carl Morgan)
John Oldach (Frank)
Denise Gentile (Nikki Bellini)
Frank Roman (Hector)
Cherry Davis (Thelma)

Written by: Ed Scharlach
Directed by: James Whitmore Jr.

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