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[ thrice charmed ]

[ Chris ]

"Hi, everyone. It's Chris, and I can't stay long. Wyatt's hollering at me about demons throwing fireballs and... goo? Crap. I hate goo. But, as you know, it's our turn at the vanquishing thing, so I'll talk quick.

"Although Cetara's site "Thrice Charmed" has been around since 2004, she's decided to close up shop. Between school, work and the girls -- not to mention a few dead Greeks who keep popping up and demanding her attention; been there, done that, hope to never do it again -- she needs to focus on something other than us. She sai--

"Chris! Get a move on!"

"Yes, Wyatt, I heard you! Fireballs, goo, madness and mayhem. Just gimme a minute! I'm saying goodbye here! Sorry, you know how he is. Anyway, stay safe and if you run into something that starts tossing energy balls your way, you might want to give us a call. Blessed be."

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