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PQL Character Dossier

Rear Admiral Albert “Al” Calavicci, USN
Observer/Capital Hill Liaison
Project Quantum Leap

Born: 1940
spouse Beth
four daughters
sister Trudy (deceased)

M.I.T., Cambridge MA (1952)
United States Naval Academy, Annapolis MD (1956)

Service Record:
Naval aviator, USN (1958–1965)
Two tours, Vietnam Conflict (1965–1967
MIA/POW, Cham Hoi Prison, Vietnam (1967–1973)
Astronaut, NASA (NASA; 1975–1984)
Chief, Star Bright Program, Stallion's Gate NM (1984–1990)
Co-creator, Quantum Leap (1990–1999)

Adm. Calavicci currently performs a very specialized duty at Quantum Leap; he is the only link between Dr. Beckett and Ziggy, the project's parallel hybrid computer. The Admiral's varied experiences has assisted Dr. Beckett on many occasions, from translating Italian to the fundamentals of pitching, boxing and a good game of nine-ball.

ADDENDUM (Dr. Eleese): Ziggy has discovered anomalies in the Admiral's personal history. Comparison data from Dr. Beckett's Leaps suggest that an alternate timeline may be in place...

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