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Title: Quantum Leap: A to Z
Published: October 1995

Now, fans who follow the time-traveling adventures of Dr. Sam Beckett and his holographic companion, Admiral Al Calavicci, can learn rare details about the world of Quantum Leap, including the life stories of Sam, Al, and Ziggy, a complete episode guide, definitions of Quantum Leap terms, the laws of Quantum Leaping, plus little-known legends and lore.

Title: The Complete Quantum Leap Book
Published: December 1995

One of television's most popular shows, Quantum Leap has built a cult-like following. This official publication of the series includes interviews with the stars of the series Scott Bakula and Dean Stockwell, plus the series creator Donald P. Bellisario. Also featured are synopses of every Quantum Leap episode—including the pilot—and hundreds of behind-the-scenes photos.

The Official Publication of the Television Series answers all of the questions fans have about their favorite show, including:

  • where did Sam Beckett play high school baseball?;
  • how many years did Al spend in a Viet Cong POW camp?;
  • into which bodies did Sam leap during the years 1950-1955?;
  • how is a blue screen used to create the hologram effect?

The official book features interviews with Bakula and Stockwell, plus the series creator and executive producer Donald P. Bellisario and the co-executive producer Deborah Pratt. There are intriguing quotes and anecdotes as well from the show's casting director, costumer, and production designer. All reveal from their unique vantage points how each episode was created, designed, and produced. There are also synopses of all the episodes, including the pilot. The Complete Quantum Leap Book is packed with behind-the-scenes photographs (many in full color), storyboards, and sketches that vividly illustrate the text.

Title: The The Making of Quantum Leap
Published: April 1996

This insider's guide to television's most popular time travel series is a must for the show's intense cult following, as well as fans of the highly successful, ongoing series of novels. In its five years on prime time. Quantum Leap won two Golden Globe Awards and set a standard for excellence in science fiction. This intriguing book takes the reader behind the scenes of the program, and includes answers to the 25 most common questions about the series and its stars.

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