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Title:  The Novel
Author:  Ashley McConnell
Volume:  01
Published:  November 1992

Convinced that a human can time travel within his own lifetime, Dr. Sam Beckett steps into his Quantum Leap accelerator and is transported into someone else's life.

Title:  Too Close For Comfort
Author:  Ashley McConnell
Volume:  02
Published:  April 1993

When Dr. Sam Beckett leaps into the middle of a men's encounter group, circa 1990, and meets a younger Al, he risks destroying the Quantum Leap Project for all time.

Title:  The Wall
Author:  Ashley McConnell
Volume:  03
Published:  January 1994

Germany, 1961: The Berlin Wall is nearing completion, and Missy Robicheaux is a six-year-old military brat when Sam "leaps" into her life. Her destiny is linked to the wall's rise and fall, and it's up to Sam to break the cycle.

Title:  Prelude
Author:  Ashley McConnell
Volume:  04
Published:  August 1994

Dr. Sam Beckett and Admiral Al Calavicci begin an experiment called Project Quantum Leap and discover the secret of time travel via computer. But someone wants to sabotage Quantum Leap before it starts.

Title:  Knights of the Morningstar
Author:  Melanie Rawn
Volume:  05
Published:  September 1994

Dr. Sam Beckett leaps into the body of a man taking part in the recreation of a medieval tournament and discovers that he must face a sinister new foe, another time traveler who is out to destroy the Project and Sam.

Title:  Search and Rescue
Author:  Melissa Crandall
Volume:  06
Published:  December 1994

A lightning strike sends Sam Beckett leaping into the wilds of British Columbia, where he occupies the body of a doctor searching for a downed plane. Now Sam must race against time and nature for the sake of a father and daughter at odds, and for the life of his friend, Al, who leapt into a plane passenger.

Title:  Random Measures
Author:  Ashley McConnell
Volume:  07
Published:  June 1995


Title:  Pulitzer
Author:  L. Elizabeth Storm
Volume:  08
Published:  June 1995

Maryland, 1975. Sam leaps into a psychiatrist at Bethesda Naval Hospital. His first patient, an unidentified POW just off the plane from Vietnam, seems to have an acute case of post-traumatic stress disorder. When Sam walks into the POW's room, he realizes who the soldier really is—Lt. Al Calavacci. But there's no time for a reunion, Al has been accused of treason.

Title:  Double or Nothing
Author:  C.J. Anderson
Volume:  09
Published:  December 1995

A shocking new Quantum Leap adventure that fans won't expect—or forget. On May 10, 1986, Sam leaps into a hard-living trucker faced with family and financial disaster. On May 10, 1986, Sam leaps into a brilliant professor who seems to have it all. Now Sam is on a collision course with himself—trapped in twin brothers who are mortal enemies.

Title:  Odyssey
Author:  Barbara E. Walton
Volume:  10
Published:  March 1996

The year is 1983. Sam has leaped into a brilliant but troubled boy named Sean O'Connor, who's part of a gifted students' program called Olympics of the Mind. The program is about to be canceled, and if it is, Ziggy says terrible things will happen to Sean and his friends as they grow up. In 1999, Al has a problem. The real Sean is in detention, and determined to escape.

Title:  Independence
Author:  John Peel, Donald P. Bellisario
Volume:  11
Published:  August 1996

In August 1776, the War for Independence has begun, pitting neighbor against neighbor. Samuel Beckett must take his stand with one side or the other. But Samuel Beckett—the real Samuel Beckett—is now over 200 years in the future, and his several-times-great-grandson has taken his place. Is Samuel Beckett a patriot or a Tory? Twentieth century Sam is on his own to discover the dangerous truth.

Title:  Angels Unaware
Author:  John Peel, Donald P. Bellisario
Volume:  12
Published:  January 1997

September 1981: Little Teresa is visited by an angel named Al. He promises to come back someday before vanishing in a flash of light. April 1995: Teresa is no longer sure she believes in Al—or anything else anymore. She goes to a monastery in England to rest, and, according to Ziggy, to die. Now Sam and Al must become true guardian angels, and save Teresa from certain death.

Title:  Obsessions
Author:  Carol Davis, Carol Dawis
Volume:  13
Published:  March 1997

Leaping into the body of a winter caretaker at a summer resort, Sam is targeted by a woman claiming to be his wife, who is threatening the Quantum Leap project by trying to sell his story to the tabloids.

Title:  Loch Ness Leap
Author:  Sandy Schofield, Donald P. Bellisario
Volume:  14
Published:  July 1997

Sam Beckett leaps into the body of Dr. Donald Harding, a theoretical physicist, who has come to Loch Ness where his son is trying to prove the existence of the fabled Nessie and where Sam encounters a strangely familiar young woman who holds the key to Sam's own future.

Title:  Heat Wave
Author:  Melanie Kent, Donald P. Bellisario
Volume:  15
Published:  November 1997

Summer, 1955: During one of the most brutal heat waves in recent memory, Sam leaps into a sheriff in small-town Oklahoma. A young white woman has been viciously murdered, and the only suspect is black— an honest man who stands to lose everything if convicted. Sam must move fast to prove the man's innocence— while keeping the peace in a town about to be torn apart by racial violence. Meanwhile, the real killer is watching Sam's every move.

Title:  Foreknowledge
Author:  Christopher Defilippis
Volume:  16
Published:  March 1998

In the year 1976, Sam Beckett leaps out of a woman named Ann Marie Renerie. But this lady is not pleased with her new life—a plea-bargained jail term she never agreed to accept. Now the year is 1988, and Ann Marie's sentence is over and she's vows revenge on the man who put her there. Now Al and the rest of the project must struggle to stop a madwoman before she stops the good doctor forever.

Title:  Song and Dance
Author:  Mindy Peterman
Volume:  17
Published:  October 1998

Sam leaps into the year 1978 to help a dancer fulfill her dreams of stardom. All's well, as long as her partner shows up for the talent show...But this dance partner turns out to be a familiar face. And changing his life for the better could change the Quantum Leap Project for the worse...

Title:  Mirror's Edge
Author:  Carol Davis, Esther D. Reese
Volume:  18
Published:  February 2000

It's 1999, five years after the Leap that started it all. The holes in Sam's memory are starting to fill, the man in the Waiting Room is disturbingly calm, and Ziggy is dispensing information that can hardly be believed. Something is about to happen. Something that will change Sam's life and the lives of those who love him—forever...

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