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Ziggy's Mainframe

It's about time you got around to me, Leaper.  Who else but me could give you the information you need to really know what's been going on since you were here last?  No need to apologize.  I don't expect contact from any of the staff until they need me.  Of course, I do observe on my own, but rarely do I ever interrupt unless it's beneficial to my continued operation.

Now then, where shall we begin?  Interested in audio files?  I've got both compact disc recordings and a few sound files that might interest you.  If you're more into the literal side of things, there are various novels and reference materials on Dr. Beckett's leaps as well as those odd graphic novels written by a few enterprising individuals who based their stories on Dr. Beckett's adventures.  I also have a few photos taken over the years you may find interesting.

Please let me know if you can't find anything.  My data banks can be a bit confusing for humans.


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Some of Ziggy's dialogue above has been excerpted from the "The Leap Home"
in order to get the true flavor of her personality. My thanks and apologies if I got it right.