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Recommended Time Travel Movies

Army of Darkness ... Austin Powers Collection ... Back to the Future Trilogy ... Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure
Frequency ... Planet of the Apes (2001) ... The Terminator ... Timecop


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Bruce Campbell vs. The Army of Darkness, or Evil Dead III

The one and only Bruce Campbell stars as Ash, a hapless housewares clerk time-warped back to the Dark Ages by the demonic power of the Necronomicon. Now armed with only a '73 Oldsmobile, his trusty chainsaw and a 12-gauge double-barreled S-Mart shotgun, our knuckleheaded hero must battle vicious she-bitches, a diabolical Evil Ash and the relentless hordes of the medieval dead in the most outrageously spectacular horror comedy every made.

Get ready for some sugar, baby: This is ARMY OF DARKNESS - THE BOOMSTICK EDITION!

Features include:

  1. Commentary by director Sam Raimi, star Bruce Campbell, and cowriter Ivan Raimi
  2. Theatrical trailer(s)
  3. U.S. theatrical version
  4. Original ending (presented separately)
  5. Exclusive behind-the-scenes featurette "The Men Behind the Army" narrated by Bruce Campbell
  6. Director's cut with 15 mins. of additional footage
  7. 4 deleted scenes
  8. Director's storyboards
  9. 8-page collector's booklet with all-new liner notes by star Bruce Campbell

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Austin Powers Collection: International Man of Mystery/The Spy Who Shagged Me/Goldmember

For International Man of Mystery (1997), it was the 1960s—the shagadelic decade when London hipster Austin Powers scored with gorgeous chicks as a fashion photographer by day, crime-fighting international man of mystery by night. But when Powers's arch nemesis, Dr. Evil, puts himself into a deep-freeze and travels via time machine to the late 1990s, Powers must follow him and foil Evil's nefarious scheme of global domination.

The Spy Who Shagged Me (1999) finds our man Austin heading back to the '60s to keep perennial nemesis Dr. Evil from blowing up the world—and, more importantly, to get back his mojo, that man-juice that turns Austin into irresistible catnip for women.

Goldmember (2002) is must-see lunacy for devoted fans of the shagadelic franchise. Once they've tossed Austin into the disco fever of 1975 where he's sent to rescue his father, helped by blaxpo-babe Foxxy Cleopatra.

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Back to the Future Trilogy: Part I/Part II/Part III

What would it be like to meet your parents in their youth? High schooler Marty McFly finds out when he's catapulted back to the '50s where he sees his parents in their teens, and accidentally changes the history of how Mom and Dad met.

Shot back-to-back with the second chapter in the trilogy, Back to the Future, Part III is less hectic than that film and has the same sweet spirit of the first, albeit in a whole new setting. This time, Marty ends up in the Old West of 1885, trying to prevent the death of mad scientist Christopher Lloyd at the hands of gunman Buford "Mad Dog" Tannen.

Features include:

  1. Commentary by Michael J. Fox, Robert Zemeckis and Bob Gale
  2. Production notes
  3. "Animated Anecdotes" - option to see over 150 facts and trivia notes while viewing
  4. Outtakes and bloopers
  5. Deleted scenes
  6. Live Q&A session
  7. Interviews with the stars
  8. Original "Making of Back to the Future" featurette
  9. Evolution of the special effects featurette
  10. The Hoverboard test
  11. Interactive production archive
  12. Music videos
  13. Screen tests and more

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Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure

Bill & Ted are two teenagers who are trying to start a 'most excellent' band, when they really don't know how to play, and are about to flunk out of history. Worse, if Ted flunks history, his father is going to send him to a military academy in Alaska. If this happens, Bill & Ted's band will never be formed and the utopian future that results from their music will never come to pass. So, the folks from the future send Rufus (George Carlin) back in time to help Bill & Ted pass. With the help of Rufus and a time-traveling phone booth, Bill and Ted set out to find 'personages of historical significance' to pass their history report.

Features include a theatrical trailer.

Hey, dudes! Here's a couple most excellent quotes to fill up the bogus empty space!

After seeing the Princesses Joanna and Elizabeth
Ted: Bill?
Bill: What?
Ted: I'm in love, dude.
Bill: Come on, this is a history report, not a babe report.
Ted: But, Bill, those are historical babes!
Bill: Okay, you're the ladies' man. How we gonna meet 'em?

Bill thought Ted was killed.
Bill: Ted, you're alive!
Ted: Yeah, I fell out of my armor when I hit the floor!


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This release contains both the emotional drama of a father and son reunited after 30 years of separation, and the science fiction thriller, in which a couple of chance solar storms, occurring exactly 30 years apart, can provide the agency through which the father and son can communicate using the very same ham radio in parallel time frames of 1969 and 1999. The son is John Sullivan, a cop, and his father is Frank, a firefighter who died on the job when John was 6, which just happens to be tomorrow for Frank when he and his now-adult son begin talking across time. Since John's a cop, and the case he's working on turns out to be the same unsolved case from 30 years before, he and his father work together over the ham radio to solve the case and hopefully avert the tragedy that befell their family.

Features include:

  1. Commentary by director Gregory Hoblit
  2. Commentary by actor Noah Emmerich and writer/ producer Toby Emmerich
  3. Theatrical trailer(s)
  4. 5.1 isolated score with composer commentary by Michael Kamen
  5. Animated solar gallery
  6. Script-to-screen featuring Dynamic Index

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Planet of the Apes (2001)

While attempting the space-pod retrieval of a chimpanzee test pilot, Major Leo Davidson enters a magnetic storm that propels him into the distant future, where he crash-lands on the ape-ruled planet. Among the primitively civilized apes, treatment of enslaved humans is a divisive issue: senator's daughter Ari advocates equality while the ruthless General Thade promotes extermination.

Features include:

  1. Commentary by director Tim Burton
  2. Commentary by composer Danny Elfman with isolated score/sound effects
  3. Theatrical trailer(s)
  4. 6 documentaries: Simian Academy, Face Like a Monkey, Ape Couture, Chimp Symphony Op. 37, On Location: Lake Powell, Swinging from the Trees, Screen Tests (4 quadrangle / 4-way audio split: makeup, group, costume, stunt, movement)
  5. 5 extended scenes: Launch the Monkey, Dinner, Kill Them All, Ari in the Trees, She's a Chimpanzee
  6. Interactive multi-angle sequences: Limbo's Quadrangle, Sandar's Hours, Escape from Ape City, In the Forest
  7. HBO making-of special
  8. Paul Oakenfold: "Rule the Planet Remix"
  9. Trailers & TV spots
  10. Posters & press kit
  11. Still gallery of scenes and props
  12. DVD-ROM features

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The Terminator

Sarah Connor is your standard nobody/anybody/everybody. Except in the future, where she has been marked for termination. It seems Sarah will become pregnant with a son, John, who she will raise to become a warrior and leader, and he will one day unite and lead the humans in their ultimate victory against the machines. The machines donít want that, so they send a cyborg Ė a "terminator" Ė back in time to assassinate Sarah before she can give birth to John. Her only hope for survival is a single protector also sent through time, Kyle Reese. But when the terminator takes out an entire police station in an attempt to get to Sarah, itís only by trusting Kyle that she narrowly escapes, time and time again, until she finds her own inner-strength to defeat the machine.

Features include:

  1. New state-of-the-art 5.1 stereo mix plus original mono audio track
  2. Brand-new "Other Voices" documentary with new James Cameron interviews
  3. "The Terminator: A Retrospective" documentary
  4. "Terminated" deleted scenes with James Cameron audio commentary
  5. Hidden menu features
  6. DVD-ROM script to screen
  7. Collectible holographic packaging
  8. Original storyboards, trailers, TV spots, and more!

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Max Walker is an officer in the Time Enforcement Police, assigned to prevent criminals from traveling to the past with the intent of altering the future. Senator McComb is the evil politician who plots to retrieve a stockpile of gold from the Civil War to finance his latest campaign. Will Walker be able to stop the senator from changing history without changing his own?

Features include:

  1. Production notes
  2. Theatrical trailer(s)
  3. Full-screen format
Once again, a few quotes to fill the bogus empty space...

after stopping a crook without violence
Max Walker: He must have read my mind.
Melissa Walker: The way you speak English, he'd have to.

Eugene Matuzak: You're allowed to have a life, you know. I read it in a manual somewhere.

Senator Aaron McComb: Look don't expect to be my chief of staff if my slamming your face into the side of the car is gonna turn you into a sniveling worm.

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