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The Control Room

Well, hello there, Leaper.  Dr. Eleese has asked that I assist you in locating any information on the Complex or related topics that will help you get more familiar with our Project.

Now, what would you like to see first?  Let's see... as far as information on the Project itself, there's a list of other sites on the World Wide Web and a few of those Web ring things that you can browse. 

There's also a section on the various ways you can contact us for more information, another that contains those neat banner things in case you have a site of your own and want to link to us.  Oh, and I can't forget my favorite part: the list of time travel movies.  There's one where a teenager goes back to—

>> A monitor in front of him beeps three times.
Gooshie taps on a keyboard for a moment, then sighs. <<

I'm sorry, Leaper, but it looks like there's trouble with the link between the Admiral and Dr. Beckett.  I need to go check on Ziggy to make sure she hasn't blown any circuits.  The last time that happened, well... let's just say that things got a little wacky.  Anyway, the files you'll need are listed below.  Look at them as long as you need to; I have duplicates.  Tata!

Head Programmer, Project Quantum Leap

Gooshie's Data Files
Quantum Leap
Related Sites
Web Rings
A Leaping We Will Go
Contact Us
Link to ALWWG
Time Travel Movies

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