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Leap Transcripts

Alphabetical by Leap Title

# A B – C
8½ Months
A Hunting Will We Go
A Leap for Lisa
A Little Miracle
A Portrait for Troian
A Single Drop of Rain
A Song for the Soul
A Tale of Two Sweeties
All Americans
Americanization of Machiko
Animal Frat
Another Mother
Beast Within, The
Black on White on Fire
Blind Faith
Blood Moon
Camikaze Kid
Catch A Falling Star
Color of Truth
Curse of Ptah-Hotep
D – F G H – K
Deliver Us From Evil
Disco Inferno
Double Identity
Dr. Ruth
For Your Love
Future Boy
Genesis I
Genesis II
Ghost Ship
Glitter Rock
Good Morning, Peoria
Good Night, Dear Heart
Goodbye Norma Jean
Great Spontini
Heart of a Champion
Her Charm
Honeymoon Express
How the Tess Was Won
It's A Wonderful Leap
Killin' Time
L M – N O – P
Last Dance Before an Execution
Last Door, The
Last Gunfighter, The
Leap Back
Leap Between the States, The
Leap Home I
Leap Home II — Viet Nam
Leap of Faith
Leaping in Without a Net
Leaping of the Shrew
Leaping on a String
Maybe Baby
Memphis Melody
Mirror Image
Miss Deep South
Moments to Live
Nowhere to Run
Nuclear Family
One Little Heart
One Strobe over the Line
Permanent Wave
Piano Man
Play Ball
Play It Again, Seymour
Play's The Thing, The
Pool Hall Blues
Private Dancer
Promised Land
R S T – Z
Rebel Without a Clue
Return of the Evil Leaper
Revenge of the Evil Leaper
Right Hand of God
Running For Honor
Sea Bride
Shock Theater
So Help Me God
Southern Comforts
Stand Up
Star Light, Star Bright
Temptation Eyes
Thou Shalt Not...
What Price Gloria?
Wrong Stuff, The

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