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Leap Transcripts, 1993

Promised Land

Episode.Season.Number: 11.05.86
Air Date: 12.15.1992
Leap Date: 12.22.1971
The Face in the Mirror: Bill Walters, farmer

Sam leaps back to Elk Ridge, Indiana to help save the lives of the Walters boys as they try to save their farm from a banker with designs on getting rich from foreclosure.

Guest Starring:
Dwier Brown (Neil Waters)
Arlen Dean Snyder (Sheriff Mundy)
Chris Stacy (John Walters)
Jonathan Hogan (Gus Vernon)
Elizabeth Dennehy (Beth Ryan)
Kellie Overbey Shane (Carrie Young)
Lorinne Dills Vozoff (Mary Walters)
Elizabeth Rainey (Cindy Wilkens)
Scott Bakula (John Beckett)

Written by: Gillian Horvath and Tommy Thompson
Directed by: Scott Bakula

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