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Leap Transcripts, 1993

Dr. Ruth

Episode.Season.Number: 14.05.89
Air Date: 01.19.1993
Leap Date: 04.25.1985
The Face in the Mirror: Dr. Ruth Westheimer, sex therapist

While Sam is in 1985, running her radio talk show, playing matchmaker to her producers, and trying to help a young secretary who's being sexually harassed by her boss, Dr. Ruth Westheimer spends her time in the Waiting Room, counseling Al on his feelings towards his five wives, as well as his relationship with Tina.

Guest Starring:
Peter Spears (Doug)
Anita Barone (Debbie)
James McDonnell (Jonathan)
Robyn Lively (Annie Wilkins)
Dr. Ruth Westheimer (Herself)

Written by: Robin Jill Bernheim
Directed by: Stuart Margolin

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