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Leap Transcripts, 1992

Play Ball

Episode.Season.Number: 02.04.55
Air Date: 09.25.1991
Leap Date: 08.06.1961
The Face in the Mirror: Lester "Doc" Fuller, pitcher

A pitcher on a minor league baseball team, Sam must decide if he's there to help a fellow team member, get his host back into the major leagues, or baby-sit the porcine team mascot, all while resisting the amorous advances of the women in his life.

Guest Starring:
Neal McDonough (Chucky)
Maree Cheatham (Margaret Twilly)
Don Stroud (Manager)
Courtney Gebhart (Bunny)
Peter Jason (Warren Monroe)
Casey Sander (Talent Scout)
Royce D. Applegate (Radio Reporter)

Written by: Tommy Thompson
Directed by: Joe Napolitano

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