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Leap Transcripts, 1992

It's a Wonderful Leap

Episode.Season.Number: 18.04.71
Air Date: 04.01.1992
Leap Date: 05.10.1958
The Face in the Mirror: Max Greenman

Sam finds himself behind the wheel of a New York taxicab, as a driver striving to win his own tag, a license to drive his own cab. His mission is aided with the help of a woman who claims to be a guardian angel.

Guest Starring:
Liz Torres (Angelita Carmen Guadalupe Cecelia Jiminez)
Jerry Adler (Lenny Greenman)
Peter Iacangelo (Frank)
Robin Frates (Elizabeth)
Jack Orend (Tony)

Written by: Paul Brown and Danielle Alexandra
Directed by: Paul Brown

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