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Leap Transcripts, 1991

Shock Theater

Episode.Season.Number: 22.03.53
Air Date: 05.22.1991
Leap Date: 10.03.1954
The Face in the Mirror: Sam Beederman

Leaping into Sam Beederman, a mental patient who is suffering from acute depression, Sam receives an overloaded electroshock treatment, which causes his Swiss-cheesed memory to be replaced by personas from previous leaps. Al, finding himself visible to the mentally absent, must try to complete Sam's mission, and convince him to take another shock treatment, in order to leap Sam out before contact is lost forever.

Guest Starring:
David Proval (Dr. Masters)
Bruce A. Young (Butch)
Scott Lawrence (Tibby Johnson)
Robert Symonds (Dr. Wickless)
Candy Brown Houston (Dr. Verbeena Beeks)
Nick Brooks (Freddie)
Lee Garlington (Nurse Chatam)

Written by: Deborah Pratt
Directed by: Joe Napolitano

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