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Leap Transcripts, 1991

The Leap Home II, Viet Nam

Episode.Season.Number: 02.03.33
Air Date: 10.05.1990
Leap Date: 04.07.1970
The Face in the Mirror: Signalman 2nd Class Hubert "Magic" Williams, USN

As a Navy SEAL in his own brother's squad, Sam must determine whether he is there to save Tom's life or ensure the success of the mission on which his brother was killed. Also Al from 1970 was a P.O.W.

Guest Starring:
David Newsom (Lt. Tom Beckett, USN)
Andrea Thompson (Maggie Dawson)
Ernie Lively (Col. Deke Grimwald)
David Hayward (Dempsey)
Tia Carrere (Chu-Hoi)
Adam Nelson (Preacher)
Patrick Warburton (Blaster)
Ryan Reid (Shamo)
Rich Whiteside (Doc)

Written by: Donald P. Bellisario
Directed by: Michael Zinberg

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