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Leap Transcripts, 1991

8 and a half Months

Episode.Season.Number: 12.03.43
Air Date: 03.06.1991
Leap Date: 11.15.1955
The Face in the Mirror: Billie Jean Crockett

Sam leaps into a pregnant teenager who will make the second biggest mistake of her life - giving her baby up for adoption - unless Sam can convince someone to help her raise her child... before he goes into labor himself.

Guest Starring:
Lana Schwab (Dorothy "Dotty" Louise Billings)
James Whitmore Jr. (Bob Crockett)
Hunter Von Leer (Keeter Slade)
Tasha Scott (Effy)
Anne Haney (Mrs. Taylor)
Parley Baer (Dr. Rogers)
Philip Linton (Willis)
Peggy Walton-Walker (Nurse Denton)

Written by: Deborah Pratt
Directed by: James Whitmore Jr.

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