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Leap Transcripts, 1990


Episode.Season.Number: 22.02.31
Air Date: 05.09.1990
Leap Date: 04.01.1969
The Face in the Mirror: Jake Rawlins, PD

When Sam leaps into the life of an undercover cop, Al explains that his mission is to convince a navy nurse that her MIA husband is still alive, and to prevent her from marrying a lawyer she meets on the day Sam leaps in. But a series of coincidences causes Sam to wonder about the true nature of his mission.

Guest Starring:
Jason Beghe (Roger Skaggs)
Susan Diol (Beth Calavicci)
Norman Large (Dirk Simon)
Dan Ziskie (Sergeant Riley)
Pat Skipper (Tequila)

Written by: Donald P. Bellisario
Directed by: Michael Zinberg

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