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Leap Transcripts, 1990

Her Charm

Episode.Season.Number: 15.02.24
Air Date: 02.07.1990
Leap Date: 09.26.1973
The Face in the Mirror: Peter Langly, FBI agent

Protecting a female member of the witness protection program from a mafia hitman proves difficult for Sam, since the FBI appears to have an informant confounding his attempts to hide her.

Guest Starring:
Teri Austin (Dana Barrenger)
Stanley Brock (Richardson)
John Snyder (Nick Kochifos)
Rene Assa (Andy)
John Shepherd (Professor Sebastian LoNigro)

Written by: Deborah Pratt, Donald P. Bellisario & Paul M. Belous, Robert Wolterstorff
Directed by: Christopher T. Welch

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