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Leap Transcripts, 1990

A Portrait for Troian

Episode.Season.Number: 11.02.20
Air Date: 12.13.1989
Leap Date: 02.27.1971
The Face in the Mirror: Dr. Timothy Mintz, parapsychologist
The Kiss with History: California's Sylmar earthquake

Sam leaps into a renowned parapsychologist where he must prevent a young widow from joining her husband at the bottom of a lake, while proving that she's not crazy, despite her claims of hearing her dead husband calling to her.

Guest Starring:
Deborah Pratt (Troian Giovanni Claridge)
Robert Torti (Jimmy Giovanni)
Carolyn Seymour (Priscilla Stoltz)

Written by: Scott Shepherd and Donald P. Bellisario & John Hill
Directed by: Michael Zinberg

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