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Leap Transcripts, 1990

Another Mother

Episode.Season.Number: 13.02.22
Air Date: 01.10.1990
Leap Date: 09.30.1981
The Face in the Mirror: Linda Bruckner

As a divorced mother of three, Sam's job of preventing his teenage son from running away, never to be seen again, is made more interesting by the fact that his youngest daughter can see both him and Al.

Guest Starring:
Michael Stoyanov (Kevin)
Olivia Burnette (Susan)
Troian Bellisario (Teresa)
Allison Barron (Jackie Arnett)
Andrew Held (Teddy)
Larron Tate (Ox)
Kevin Telles (David)
Eric Welch (Paul)
Terrence Evans (Stick)
Michael Kemmerling (LeMule)
Alina Cenal (Rafaela)

Written by: Deborah Pratt
Directed by: Joseph Scanlan

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