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Leap Transcripts, 1989

Play It Again, Seymour

Episode.Season.Number: 09.01.09
Air Date: 03.26.1989
Leap Date: 09.13.1956
The Face in the Mirror: Nick Allen, P.I.
The Kiss with History: Sam meets Woody Allen

With looks that could double for Humphrey Bogart, Sam is looking for the murderer of his partner and, if he doesn't find the answer in time, himself. The case is solved with a number of Casablanca references as Sam launches a new pulp novelist along the way.

Guest Starring:
Paul Linke (Lionel)
Claudia Christian (Allison)
Willie Garson (Seymour)

Written by: Scott Shepherd, Donald P. Bellisario & Tom Blomquist
Directed by: Aaron Lipstadt

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