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For those of you born on or before 1970, you're more than likely familiar with the superheroes and their silver screen interpretations chosen below. If you're new to the genre, simply follow the links for more information. Included below are partial cast lists and quotes for you, just for fun. Happy viewing!

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[ Superman ]


Available on DVD or VHS

Studio: Warner Bros.
Theatrical Release: 1978
Director: Richard Donner

Major Cast (in alphabetical order):
Jackie Cooper ... Perry White
Gene Hackman ... Lex Luthor
Margot Kidder ... Lois Lane
Marc McClure ... Jimmy Olsen
Christopher Reeve ... Superman/Clark Kent

~ Quotes ~

Superman: Easy, miss. I've got you.
Lois Lane: You've got me? Who's got you?

Lois Lane: Any more like you at home?
Clark Kent: No, not really.

Lois Lane: Would you like a glass of wine?
Clark Kent: No thanks. I never drink when I fly.

Clark Kent: Mr. White, I was wondering if you could arrange for half my salary to be sent to this address on a weekly basis.
Lois Lane: Your bookie, right?
Clark Kent: My what?
Lois Lane: Don't tell me: he sends a check every week to his sweet, grey-haired old mother.
Clark Kent: Actually, she's silver-haired.

Superman appears in Luthor's office.
Lex Luthor: Otis, take the gentleman's cape.
Superman glares.
Otis: I don't think he wants me to, Mr. Luthor.

[ Superman II ]


Available on DVD or VHS

Studio: Warner Bros.
Theatrical Release: 1980
Director: Richard Donner; Richard Lester

Major Cast (in alphabetical order):
Gene Hackman ... Lex Luthor
Margot Kidder ... Lois Lane
Marc McClure ... Jimmy Olsen
Christopher Reeve ... Superman/Clark Kent
Terence Stamp ... General Zod

~ Quotes ~

Clark Kent has been beaten in a fistfight after losing his superpowers.
Clark Kent: Looks like from now on you'll have to have a bodyguard with you.
Lois Lane: I don't want a bodyguard. I want the man I fell in love with.
Clark Kent: I know, Lois. I wish he was here.

Lois Lane: I'm gonna' be fine. Don't worry about me.
Clark Kent: I like worrying about you.

General Zod: The next time — we will kill him.
Lex Luthor: The next time, the next time? What am I going to do with you people huh? I hold up my end, delivered you the Blue Boy — and what do I hear from my triple threat? "Bow, yield, kneel" — that kind of stuff closes out of town.
General Zod: Why do you say this to me when you know I will kill you for it?

[ Batman Legacy ]

The Batman Legacy

Available on DVD or VHS

Studio: Warner Bros.
Theatrical Release: 1980
Director: Tim Burton (1, 2); Joel Schumacher (3, 4)

Selected Cast:
Michael Keaton ... Bruce Wayne/Batman #1
Val Kilmer ... Bruce Wayne/Batman #2
George Clooney ... Bruce Wayne/Batman #3
Michael Gough ... Alfred Pennyworth
Chris O'Donnell ... Dick Grayson/Robin
Alicia Silverstone ... Barbara Wilson/Batgirl
Pat Hingle ... Commissioner Gordon
Jack Nicholson ... Jack Napier/The Joker
Danny DeVito ... Oswald Cobblepot/The Penguin
Michelle Pfeiffer ... Selina Kyle/Catwoman
Tommy Lee Jones ... Harvey Dent/Two-Face
Jim Carrey ... Edward Nygma/The Riddler
Arnold Schwarzenegger ... Dr. Victor Fries/Mr. Freeze
Uma Thurman ... Dr. Pamela Isley/Poison Ivy

~ Quotes: Batman ~

The Joker: Bruce... Wayne, n'est-ce pas?
Bruce Wayne: Most of the time.

Batman: You killed my parents.
The Joker: What? What? What are you talking about?
Batman: I made you, you made me first.
The Joker: Give me a break. I was a kid when I killed your parents. When I say "I made you" you gotta say "you made me." How childish can you get?

~ Quotes: Batman Returns~

Batman: Mistletoe can be deadly if you eat it.
Catwoman: A kiss can be even deadlier if you mean it.

Catwoman is hit
Catwoman: How could you? I'm a woman.
Batman: I'm sorry, I..
Batman is hit
Catwoman: As I was saying, I'm a woman and can't be taken for granted.

~ Quotes: Batman Forever~

Alfred: I'm sorry to bother you, sir. But I have some rather distressing news about Master Dick.
Bruce Wayne: What? Is he alright?
Alfred: I'm afraid Master Dick has, uhm, gone traveling.
Bruce Wayne: He ran away?
Alfred: Actually, he took the car.
Bruce Wayne: He boosted the Jag?
Alfred: No, sir. Not the Jaguar. The other car.
Bruce Wayne: The Bentley?
Alfred: No, sir! The *other car*.

upon reaching Claw Island
Robin: Holey rusted metal, Batman!
Batman: Huh?
Robin: The ground, it's all metal. It's full of holes. You know, holey.
Batman: Oh.

~ Quotes: Batman and Robin~

Batman: And you are...?
Batgirl: Batgirl.
Batman: That's not very PC. What about Batwoman, or Batperson?
Batgirl: I found the Batcave.
Robin: I guess we'll just have to kill her.

Robin: I want a car, chicks dig the car.
Batman: This is why Superman works alone.

[ Spider-Man ]


Available on DVD or VHS

Studio: Columbia Tri-Star
Theatrical Release: 2002
Director: Sam Raimi

Major Cast (in alphabetical order):
Willem Dafoe ... Norman Osborn/The Green Goblin
Kirsten Dunst ... Mary Jane Watson
James Franco ... Harry Osborn
Rosemary Harris ... Aunt May Parker
Tobey Maguire ... Peter Parker/Spider-Man
Cliff Robertson ... Uncle Ben Parker

~ Quotes ~

Ring Announcer: What's your name kid?
Peter Parker: The Human Spider."
Ring Announcer: That's it? The Human Spider? That's the best you've got?
Peter Parker: Yeah.
Ring Announcer: Well that sucks.

Trying to learn how to shoot a web
Spider-Man: Go web! Fly! Up, up, and away web! Shazam! Web it! Tally ho!

Mary Jane: You're amazing.
Spider-Man: Some people don't think so...
Mary Jane: But you are.
Spider-Man: Nice to have a fan...

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