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It's a tale of Oliver Watson, a man who thinks his life is perfect—he has a great job, a beautiful home, a good relationship with his parents, three healthy children, and a loving wife. Things change the day Oliver comes home from work to learn that his wife is going away to graduate school, leaving him to play full-time daddy, super-employee, and son-on-call; Oliver soon discovers that it is impossible to "have it all," all by himself.

Through trial and error, and by watching the courageous examples set by his teenage son coping with his girlfriend's unplanned pregnancy and his father learning to love again after the death of his Alzheimer's stricken wife, Oliver discovers for himself that love can occur more than once and dreams can change for the better.


Michael Miller (Danielle Steel telefilms A Perfect Stranger, Once In A Lifetime, Star, Heartbeat, Palomino)

Also Starring:

Patrick Duffy .... Oliver Watson
Kate Mulgrew .... Sarah Watson
Ben Affleck .... Ben Watson
Jenny Lewis .... Melissa Watson
Matthew Lawrence .... Sam Watson
John Anderson .... George Watson
Robyn Peterson .... Daphne Hutchinson
Richard McKenzie .... Jeremy Bosworth
Lynda Carter .... Charlotte Sampson
Georgia Emelin .... Bobbi
Gloria Dorson .... Phyllis
Mimi Cozzens .... Margaret Porter
Marjorie Lovett .... Agnes Feighan

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