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"G'day to all you Surfers out there who have stopped by to visit my Ewan McGregor fan site. As you may have already noticed, you didn't find what you were coming here to see. I can explain that...

"Although "A McGREGOR Less Orinary: The Movies, The Mischief, The Man" has been online since 2002, I haven't had near enough free time to keep up with all the changes in Ewan's career -- or life, for that matter -- in order to keep the site up and running, so I've decided to retire the site. For now, anyway. As he's one of my top three favorite actors right now -- and the only Scotsman among two Aussies -- AMLO may reappear in a different format somewhere down the line.

"So, for now, I wish you all good friends, great adventures and many pints of Guinness!"

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