[ beware the SLAYER ]
[ Season Eight Lives ]

"Hello, and welcome to you all. I realize you were expecting to access the school files, Giles' Magic Shop data, or the classmates' records usually found here at Beware the Slayer, and are likely wondering what's going on. As you know, Sunnydale is no more, the Scooby Gang is scattered across the globe battling whoever needs it, and that's keeping everybody pretty darn busy.

Until such time as things slow down for our group of heroes, BTS will be shut down. In the meantime, you're welcome to visit one of Cetara's other projects.

Always remember, my friends, that if someone you know suddenly has teeth just a bit too long and keeps looking longingly at your neck, you'd probably better give the Gang a call and get It taken care of before you become a newbie vamp's first meal.

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